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A Tale of Two Seeds - Frank Viola

Video from The Deeper Journey with Frank Viola

The Gospel of the Kingdom

We have lost the titanic gospel of the kingdom that Jesus and all the apostles preached and have exchanged it for a gospel of legalism or a gospel of libertinism. This site is dedicated to recover the lost kingdom gospel.

“To me the essence of being a radical is being willing to subject one’s inherited traditions and conventions to biblical scrutiny … A lot of our personal security is found in our convictions; we develop a personal stance and find our security in it, and then when anybody disagrees we feel threatened.”

~ John Stott

The world is dying for men and women who are burning. Not for a cause, but for a Person and His kingdom: The Lord Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, many who are part of The Insurgence Podcast Community are on fire. They are a people fiercely devoted to Jesus and His kingdom.

America is in crisis right now, and crisis exposes our hearts and what we really believe.

Recently, I made this statement on the Insurgence Facebook Page:

To profess Jesus is Lord is to renounce nationalism AND globalism. When the true gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed, it outrages the progressive left and infuriates the conservative right.

As a result, I was asked these 5 questions:

* What is nationalism and why is it contrary to the gospel of the kingdom?

* What is globalism and why is it contrary to the gospel of the kingdom?

* Why would the gospel of the kingdom anger the progressive left since they are for the least of these and the poor?

* Why would it upset the conservative right since the kingdom message calls for repentance from immorality, abortion, etc.?

* I’m seeing a lot of hatred coming from Christians, the same as people in the world over politics and social issues, and I’m appalled by it. Can you speak to this?.." from the article: America in Crisis. The World is Dying for the Burning


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