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Aliens and the Bible - Are We Alone? -Mackie/Heiser/Wright


Aliens and the Bible - Are We Alone? -Mackie/Heiser/Wright

Jul 31, 2023

"Aliens in the Bible - Are we Alone? Our Government says they have answers. As Christians we now need to have a biblically based response. Are Aliens in the Bible? We have designed this video to help give language to this tough topic. This video is dedicated to the late Dr. Michael Heiser - @DRMSH He used his scholarly platform to form a UFO mission Field. Along with caring about sharing the good news with this normally avoided group, Heiser also brought scholarly credibility to the question of... ARE WE ALONE? Tim Mackie makes a couple appearances along with NT Wright Let us know if this video helped and also PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE It helps :-)" from video introduction


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