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America is Not a Messianic Force in the World- The Heresy of "The God Bless the USA Bible"

True Wisdom Begins and Ends with God

This would more than likely not be a huge issue were it not for the current co-mingling of faith with politics in America.

Flag first, Christ second.

Yet the very idea that someone thinks its proper to connect American pop culture (the song by Lee Greenwood) with God's Holy Word shows us how far down we have fallen in our respect and awe for God and his Word.

I consider this heresy and blaspheme!

Why? Christ never supported "patriotism" as we Americans narrowly define it. Patriotism, nationalism for your country of origin, has never been a bad thing.

The problem comes when we twist our prideful self-righteousness about politics and policy into God and Country.

America is a pagan country and part of the powers and principalities that Satan rules over by God's permission. We have never been and never will be a Christian nation. Many who wave the flag and quote scripture are drinking a Koolaid laced with evil and folly.

Just as we have been desensitized to pornography and abortion and death/killing (have you watched TV lately?) we have also been conditioned to think of God and his Word as a consumer item, a weekend activity , something not really pertinent to life anymore.

We make Christ a mascot for our cause and hope he goes along.

Is this an overreaction?

Some of course have distorted it even further calling this Bible edition "The Trump Bible." Not the intention of the publishers I understand yet who would not see this playing into that narrative, therefore DO NOT publish it.

For a group of people eager to hear what that want to hear, that America and Trump etc. were chosen by God leads us all further down the path to self-destruction, putting Men and politics ahead of Christ.

"Merging Christian and American identities distorts both the Christian faith and our nation’s constitutional democracy. Even though we are a nation full of diverse religious people, efforts like this Bible edition give license to a particular group of Christians who believe they have a presumptive right to define what America is religiously and patriotically." from the article: The distortions of the God Bless the USA Bible

"And therein lies the most alarming concern we share about this “American Bible.” It promotes the myth of an American exceptionalism that is founded on God blessing this nation in a way that God has not or does not blessed other nations. Within our nation, there is wide belief that this country “belongs” to those who look like its earliest European settlers/invaders. And a Bible that assigns God’s blessing to include their violent efforts puts other citizens, especially Black and Brown ones, at risk today. And the myth of American exceptionalism that is trumpeted by this new “Bible” also puts at risk other vulnerable peoples around the globe who are not included among the chosen Americans in this disconcerting “American Bible.” from the article: Why Christians Should be Troubled by the New “God Bless the USA Bible

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