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American Culture Moves Further into Normalizing Evil

'A Satanic Revolution': Amid 'Little Demon' Furor, Dr. Ted Baehr Has a Message For Parents

Video from CBN News

"Little Demon," a new animated show about a woman who mates with Satan and produces the Antichrist, is raising eyebrows and making cultural waves. Dr. Ted Baehr, a Hollywood mainstay and the founder of Movieguide, an organization that helps families navigate entertainment content, said he's neither stunned by the airing of "Little Demon" nor is he surprised by the show's controversial themes, especially considering culture's precarious standing. Watch him break down the show and offer advice for Christian parents desperately trying to navigate an ever-complex entertainment complex.' from video introduction

This animated TV program normalizes and promotes Satanism and evil. DO NOT let your children watch this! It is NOT entertainment! there is no doubt now that Disney has completely moved away from being family oriented or having any Christian ethics in their programing. Pray for America!! - Andy

One Million Moms issues ‘urgent warning’ to parents in response to Disney’s FX series ‘Little Demon’

"Disney’s new FX series “Little Demon,” which features a woman who is impregnated by Satan and gives birth to an Antichrist daughter and carries graphic violence and nudity, “makes light of hell and the dangers of the demonic realm," says One Million Moms says in an online petition. Due to the show's content, the group is issuing an "urgent warning" to parents.

Through its adult animated sitcom series, which debuted last week on FXX, “Disney is introducing viewers, including children who might stumble across this series, to a world of demons, witches, and sorcery,” the Christian conservative group said in the petition, which had been signed by over 17,200 people as of early Monday.

“Along with the demonic content of this series, the minds of younger viewers will also be inundated with secular worldviews that reflect the current culture,” One Million Moms continued.

The petition cited the Hollywood online news source Deadline as stating: “Among other shenanigans, the comedy … shows Laura [the mother] nude with no pixilation. She strips down in the first episode to perform a ritual, while there are multiple instances of nudity throughout the series.”.." from the article: One Million Moms issues ‘urgent warning’ to parents in response to Disney’s FX series ‘Little Demon’

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