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American Teacher: A Powerful Documentary On Education And Politics

It comes as no surprise that along with American cultural decline in general that our childrens education is also dysfunctional.

And it also should come as no surprise that in a strictly pramatic consumer oriented society that an education serves only one purpose - to create more products to buy and more consumers.

Wisdom and knowledge is of little or no value.

I was a public school art teacher in the early 1990's. I quit after only two years after the parent of a student who had stolen art supplies and bragged about it told me over the phone, "Go to hell, he's your problem!".

It has only gotten worse ever since.

Parents who have abdicated their role as parent have turned it over to the teachers, among others. And they are very unforgiving if you complain.

But this is a picture of our culture in general that now spirals into evil and sin.

A people without God soon find sin and evil to take His place.

In retirement I now teach art one day a week in a Christian school.

The school is staffed by dedicated and hard working people.

Yet the damage that our trend toward dumbing down everything is at work.

Recently a student told me he could not read cursive. It was like a foreign language to him.

Good teachers are now quitting at record numbers.

What is th solution?

Like everything else in our world and lives the solution is abiding in Christ, but do we get it?

Video from Gravitas FREE DOCUMENTARIES

American Teacher: A Powerful Documentary On Education And Politics

"Interviews with policy advisers and an examination of the experiences of four teachers illustrate the the state of the U.S. educational system." from video introduction

Why are Texas teachers quitting the profession in record numbers? Here’s what they told us.

Video from CBS Texas

"We invited six to our CBS News Texas studios to find out why educators continue to leave teaching positions." from video introduction

Dumbing Down K-12 Education

"The inability of U.S. students to perform on par with the majority of other developed nations should cause alarm, given its implications for America’s global leadership. Instead, while other countries take their K-12 education seriously, American leaders are satisfied with pumping more money into an outdated system that continues to fail students and produces mediocre results.

Here’s the sad truth. Twenty-five countries outperform U.S. K-12 students. Those leading the way are China, Hong Kong, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Canada. China’s students not only place first overall, but they dominate each individual subject as well. U.S. students straggle in at 33rd in math, 23rd in science, and 17th in reading.

Of course, you wouldn’t learn this listening to the rhetoric coming from our political and educational leaders. Instead, they tout data that ranks U.S. students against other American students, states boast about their performance relative to other states, and school districts flaunt two percent gains in graduation rates..." from the article: Dumbing Down K-12 Education


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