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Amir Tsarfati: Israel Unveiled Volume 3: Mount Carmel

Amir Tsarfati: Israel Unveiled Volume 3: Mount Carmel

"Israel Unveiled Volume 3 is a journey through the land of the Bible with Amir Tsarfati teaching on location at Mt. Carmel, Qumran, Bet She'an and Ein Gedi." from video introduction

Amir Tsarfati Israel Unveiled: Mount Carmel

Well, Shalom from the top of Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel, one of my favorite places not only in the Bible, but in the land of Israel, of course. Carmel in Hebrew is actually a combination of two Hebrew words, Kerem and El, the “vineyard of God.” It’s always been a symbol of prosperity, tranquility, and fertility in the Scriptures. It is exactly why many times the prophets will say “You should be like Mount Carmel” when they wanted to bless someone to be fertile and prosperous and tranquil. And we hear in more than one of the prophets how green Mount Carmel was: the prophet Jeremiah speaking of grazing on the pastures of the greens of on Mount Carmel; and the prophet Isaiah spoke in chapter 35 of the glory and the majesty of Mount Carmel. And we know that definitely we are talking about a symbol of something good, a symbol of the blessing of the Lord..." from the transcript.

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