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An Invention of An Evil Age

We live in an evil age.

And that evil age will continue until Christ returns.

Along the way many of us will be seduced by the false promises presented.

Our culture has bought into (and promoted) following our hearts and feelings above common sense and God's guidance through His Holy Word.

Our self-destructive behavior is self-evident if we would just look past our denial.

Mankind is not improving but declining into self-destruction.

Without God, this is our destiny in this life and beyond.

The Sin of Envy infects us all. Rosaria Butterfield points to how "transgenderism" has envy as its root cause.

This evil age continues to promote sins like transgenderism.

Addressing the issue of transgenderism with Rosaria Butterfield.

Video from Alisa Childers

"The first time I read Rosaria Butterfield addressing the issue of transgenderism, I was very surprised because I had never thought about it in this way. I think she hit the nail on the head when she explained that transgenderism is the sin of envy. In this video, Rosaria explains more about this idea and offers advice on how to respond when a child claims to be transgender." from the video introduction

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