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An Open Message John MacArthur to the Faculty/Staff The Master's University (And All of Us as Well)

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Here is the video transcript of Pastor John MacArthur's recent message to the staff at Masters University.

Although this message was meant for staff it is also aimed at all of us. Are you in a state of chaos and confusion? If you as a Christian find your self in that spiritual and mental state it is time to reflect, to pray, pray with others, confess your lack of faith, repent and begin to find your strength in Christ and not this world.

"The psychologists say it's a good thing to have a routine, in fact psychologists say that very healthy people have a routine that they never ever violate. I mean it goes down to the things they do every day every day in fact I heard one psychologist say you can adjust it five percent but if you adjust it any more than that people become disoriented and psychologically confused, that's amazing! We are creatures of habit so when covid comes along what does that do to people it it just throws them into utter chaos consequently the rise of suicide and dysfunctional relationships and all the other things apart from any physical illness that have come out of coved have have altered people's lives in very dramatic ways. Here's the difference between just people and you as a part of the faculty and staff of the masters university. While we all also have habits that are comfortable for us and necessary for our well-being those habits can change and never touch the core of what we really are because what we really are is what we believe and that is not tied to anything in the culture that is not tied to anything internally in us that is anchored by the word of the living god. So the circumstances can ebb and flow they can change they can be dramatic as they have been in the last year and a half but they don't touch the heart and soul of who we are and we know who rules in the world and we know who is going to be the victor and we know the principles we are to live by. So while there's some shifting on the on the outside there's no movement on the inside because of our fidelity to the word of god and you've exhibited that that's what's anchored you and what's anchored to masters university and I'm so grateful for that while so many people are in chaos and confusion we aren't at the deepest level which is the level of our understanding of divine truth and a relationship with the living god that is eternal and that compels us right through all the difficulties and allows us to take a strong stand and god is going to honor us for that fidelity to his word so from the bottom of my heart thank you for your faithfulness." John MacArthur

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