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And Then There Was "Larry"...

Stuffed snake
"Larry the Line"

We often forget how in the hustle and bustle of life that God the Father, Christ Jesus and The Person of the Holy Spirit are ALWAYS at work in our lives and the world around us. We in our hubris think its our works and intelligence that promote us through our limited lives.

If we are honest, if we reflect closely on our lives, past and present we see that without God's intervention we would be lost!

Hindsight is that pesky thing that reminds us we are finite, we just do not know many things, what's around the corner or on the horizon. My life like yours has been punctuated by God's mercy, grace and guidance and so it came to past in the summer of 2021, a year after I had retired from Nursing, a fellow disciple of Christ whom I had worked with previously called me. Our local Christian School needed an Art teacher (where she worked). She knew that many years ago, in the 1990's I had been a public school Art Teacher. My children and grandchildren all attended this Christian School when young and I have known many of the people that work there and go to church there. The church/school is a blessing to the community and is a source of faith and hope within the evil age we live in.

Thank You Jesus!

Consider for a moment how our Omniscient God has since eternity past looked up and down the Halls of Time and watched our progression from birth, to adulthood to where we are now and within that tapestry he has been weaving our life experiences together!

Where we are today is not random or irrelevant but known by your Lord! Take that to heart.

The head teacher told me I was an answer to prayers! That I am sure is true but all of them was an answer to my prayers as well! ( I just did not know it but God did!) The children are a gift as is our teachers aid! The previous art teacher was also a gift during her tenure and as she prepared the art room to move forward, well stocked and attended too! Thank You all!!

So then there was "Larry!"

Larry the Line is the brainchild of an Art teacher in named Cassie Stephens (link) and the poem that goes with it. A teaching aid to help children understand different kinds of lines. Cassie Stephens may have gotten the idea from someone else, I do not know but in Art as in many things everything is derivative.

Larry the Line

Is a friend of mine

(creating a snake by opening the fingers of your hand, puppet style and there's your snake!)

He can make three

(hold up a three with your fingers)

Straight lines for me!


(create a vertical line with your forearm)

Diagonal and horizontal!

(pantomime each)

Any curve, he can learn

With a twist and a turn.

When he's out of his tangle

he makes a great...angle.

(created by placing your hand on your hip and pointing to your elbow)

Any line, he can make

After all, he's a snake! (courtesy Cassie Stephens: "In the Art Room: Teaching Line with Larry the Line" (link to video)

Larry has become our Art Room Mascot and friend, as he moves around the room, changes cloths, grows a mustache. "Larry" is not so much about "Larry' as he is all of us.

Do not take your life today for granted, enjoy the moment and the people in it. Every moment is Holy and in it we can find not only friendship but opportunities to disciple both young and old as we grow in our story, as our appointed time with God draws near.

And then there was "Larry"...

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