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Are Memories Stored in Our Brains? - Rupert Sheldrake

Updated: Jan 2

Video from Rupert Sheldrake

"After more than a hundred hours of private conversations on Zoom, Rupert and physicist turned neuroscientist Alex Gómez-Marín meet in person to discuss some of their favorite themes. In this installment, they address the problem of memory localization. Rather than taking for granted that memories are "stored" inside our heads and rushing to speculate about where and how, they instead entertain the idea that memories could be both everywhere and nowhere in particular -- memories are in time, not in space. To make such thoughts more thinkable, they discuss the recurrent historical failures to find actual memory traces in brains and bring forth some of the pioneering ideas of the French philosopher Henri Bergson in the context of current neuroscience. They also discuss concrete experiments to test such hypotheses and reflect more widely on the nature of form and the idea that the laws of nature may be more like habits than eternal edicts. They end by discussing the need for scientific pluralism."

0:00 Questioning the question 0:55 Back to Bergson & James 3:02 Metaphors we think by 5:42 But haven't we already found them? 7:03 Finding the engram: a successful failure 10:03 From localization of function to dynamical patterns 14:41 Putting ideas to test 15:42 The Morphic Resonance hypothesis 19:31 Where are the laws of nature, then? 21:22 A landscape of everyday anomalies 26:01 Wordle, rats, and worms 27:43 A plea for scientific pluralism 31:10 A gift to the world" from video introduction

Rupert Sheldrake has written and talked a lot about consciousness and memory. The discussion here centers around the possibility that memories could be both everywhere and nowhere in particular -- memories are in time, not in space!

Now the materialists will not consider this possibility but then they won't consider the possibility that consciousness can exist independent of the body.

My opinion is that materialists to use a broad brush are narrow minded and lack objective curiosity.

My personal belief comes from my faith and the Word of God not the opinion of any man. Although we can't say with total confidence the evidence for consciousness being fundamental and time being but one feature of that is growing.

The debate goes on!! - Andy


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