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Are We Prepared as Christians & Citizens to Fight the Good Fight?

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The Lord Hath established His Throne in the Heavens

In a hypothetical future, conservatives believe they were given a call from God for war on the left, (not to make America great again), but to take America back from the left and the evil in our land. God will not include what we currently call the Right Wing Radicals.

Why? They in effect are already at war with our government and they do so without God.

These tribes are not Christians, they are cults, even if they claim God, their words and actions reveal the truth of their evil and sinful intentions.

It is clear in God's Word:

1 John 2:4 – Whoever says, "I know him," but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person.

There is no love or honor for America in the "Right or Patriots" or whatever it is they call themselves.

We have seen that Trump's vows to "make America Great" was unable to breach the bureaucracy, red tape, special interests, corruption, greed and the liberal left that is opposed to Trump's agenda. Trump I believe personally was to incompetent to reshape America, it will take a grass roots effort of the people.

Are we up to it or are we so apathetic and passive that it dos not matter?

America is and has been falling apart at the seams from moral corruption, sin and evil. Many people including many Christians have called for civil war. The secular public does not have the where with all or courage to go to war.

But what about Christians?

There is no doubt that God has "called" his people to war in past centuries, before Christ. It's a pattern we see in the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, when God repeatedly empowered the Israelites to defeat brutal and neighboring nations. Theses nations that committed child sacrifice among other atrocities very similar to modern day ISIS but worse.

Many Christians have attempted to bring back the Black Robe Regiment from the days of our founding fathers ( see my posts on The Black Robe Regiment). The Founding Fathers defeated the British Empire and turned those original colonies into the United States of America. But here is the main thing - they couldn't have done it without God.

The Founding Fathers also knew they had to saturate our Constitution and other early writings with the idea of "one nation under God."

Now over 245 years later we are a nation under the wrath of God!

The scape goat is "The Left" but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The people who claim to be in the tribe of the right are no less culpable. Republicans cheat and steal and lie and watch porn and are apathetic in ways that have also brought America into sinful decline.

The Right or whomever they think they are cannot claim moral high ground!!

We are all the worst of sinners! Be it left or right.

And here is the thing we wont admit to. Even if you took away all the so called left policies and ideas we would still be a broken sinful nation in need of Christ. A nation full of Trumpians will not be an America most of us would like to live in. It would just become another LEFT to oppress those that disagree with them.

American popular culture helped to destroy the family (with our help) though things like music, magazines, TV, movies that made sinful thinking and behavior the norm. Greed, envy and pride were admiral goals and traits. And most churches and most Christians were ill prepared to combat it.

Even today most Christians have become highly secularized.

This led to an explosion in premarital sex, rape, adultery, pregnancies, abortions, children given for adoption, sexually transmitted disease, a high rate of divorce, and chaos for most Christian marriages. Politicians like Bill Clinton made their public service a spectacle of adultery and illicit sex and by and large was accepted by the public. At that time most Evangelical leaders pointed out that this disqualified Clinton from office. Contrasted by today where most evangelical leaders are more than willing to look the other way if such will gain them political power. Sexual sin was normalized.

All of this has lead us as a people to now applaud public servants with little or no character, no values or scruples, people who declare hatred and malice toward all (i.e. Gatz, Boebert, Green etc.)

Must we have a civil war involving guns, and bombs, death and hatred?

Can those elected to office pass new laws in the Supreme Court and abolish laws on the state and local level and turn around the laws of the liberal left?

Are we smart enough or have we become so incompetent that all that is left is guns and bombs?

Can we as Christian parents become involved in our school districts, become school board members and change things for our children or are we only capable of creating yet more chaos??

We must actually participate in our culture and government instead of just being passive observers that whine and complain and promote discord and war!!

As Christians it always begins with a relationship with Christ.

We must pray, confess and repent daily. We must read scripture and attend church.

If we choose to skip these tenets of our lives and faith in favor of what men do will are indeed doomed.

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