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Will Our Politicians Choose Helping America Over Selfish Ambitions?

Will Our Politicians Choose Helping America Over Selfish Ambitions?

Politics in America and most of the western world is no longer a vocation.

Politics today is a profession mixed with entertainment. Politicians depend on their elected positions for income and will usually get richer as they climb the political ladder.

Politics is the art of self-promotion with very little to do with governing.

Many exploit television and social media for fundraising and propoganda.

Selfish Politicians Come from a Selfish Public

What our polticians reflect is a failure of the broader society.

Masks are political theater, as have turning over of statues and the destruction of private property. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans are justified in their behaviors.

We Must Take Responsibility

We as Americans have a fundamental right to disagree.

We however do not have the right to damge or destroy each others’ property, health, opinions or social well-being. It is a failure of the society, our culture to peacefully and respectfully disagree.

This is not about left or right.

All of us must own this, and we need to make it right!

Trump MUST Choose: Victor Davis Hanson

Video from John Anderson

"Victor Davis Hanson informs that in order for Trump to ever lead properly again, he will need to focus on the future of America, rather than dwell on the injustices that were inflicted on him in the past. As the USA is a global power, the future for them can mean the future of the world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Victor Davis Hanson describes the moral hypocrisy of the elite-left, and how they use power and influence to control the middle and lower classes. This comes at a time when the wealthy pollute far more than the average citizen, but justify their actions anyway, while piling blame on everyone else." from video introduction

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