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Are You Ready to Be Examined by Jesus for the Life You Have Lived?

Video from DTBM

"This evening we look at one of the most sobering days of our lives as believers. The entire Trinity will be involved in that day. • We all were saved one day by God’s grace through the Cross of Jesus; • We all live each day energized by the grace of the Holy Spirit; but • We all will stand and have all our days lived as believers analyzed and tested by Jesus Christ for the works we used those days to accomplish. Don’t Waste Any Days of Your Life You see, even under grace, it does matter what you do with your life. Don’t waste your life is the message of God to us this evening. We need to be gripped by the reality that the choices we make have consequences both now and for eternity. Only our sins are forgiven and forever forgotten by God—wasted lives are not forgotten, rather they are remembered and dealt with by God at Christ's Bema Seat. Martin Luther lived by a motto he often repeated: “I have but two days in my calendar—Today, and the Day I stand before Christ.” In I Corinthians 3 we find ourselves standing before Jesus Christ. Christ's Coming simply reveals what people have been all the time. For us as believers, Paul tells us that when we stand before Christ "each man's work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it" (1 Corinthians 3:13)." from video introduction


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