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Are You Unaware Of The Fire? There Is One Escape!

A Fire Rages Around Us
A Fire Rages Around Us

The evil and sin you are seeing each day in America and around the world is a consuming fire.

It will consume and destroy your life if you ignore it.

Most of us are stiff-necked and rebellious and we are selfish and gullable as well. We think we do not need Christ.

Yet the evidence of humanity around us declares otherwise.

You can't fix yourself or the people around you.

Only Christ can save you from yourself!

Are you ready?

Video from I'll Be Honest

"In order to save the lost, we must convince them that they need to escape God's wrath and show them the way of escape through Jesus Christ. The good news is often treated lightly because many don't realize how intense the wrath of God is. When they realize this, hearing of a way out will be all the more wonderful.' from video introduction

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