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ARMAGEDDON Is Not A Battle Fought Where You've Been Taught: Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Dr. Michael Heiser

"So, Armageddon must be a battle at Megiddo, Mount Megiddo. Ok, we have been taught this for centuries, it's bogus. And all you need to do is go to Megiddo. There's no mountain there. Har mageddon is the Mount of Assembly, it is not Megiddo. Armageddon will not be fought at Megiddo it will be fought over Jerusalem. Why? Because that's the cosmic mountain and it's the cosmic north. It's the place where God is. And not only that, but it's the place of the Divine Council. Armageddon is more than just a military engagement. It is a cosmic war. It is a war, as the Dead Sea Scroll War Scroll would put the phrase «it is a war of gods and men.» And the description Har mageddon, Mount of assembly captures all that in just two words, in one phrase. Check it out! Are YOU ready for a paradigm shift in the way you study theology and see the Scriptures? Are YOU prepared to recover the supernatural worldview of the Bible? If you want to have access to the complete lesson, make sure to sign up for the upcoming UNSEEN REALM 101 and 102 Course beginning soon at The Awakening School of Theology & Ministry! Learn more here: Sign up here: " from video introduction.

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