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Arrival | HannaH - How Much Pain is Love Worth?

The movie Arrival is profound in many ways.

Ultimately it is about more than aliens, it is about all of us, love, suffering, pain, and time.

Despite what modernism tries to impose on the society we are not living and dying in a vacuum without meaning.

God is always with us and at work in a million ways we cannot see or understand.

God has authority over our life and death (Psalm 39:4).

God has stated He will be with us always (Matthew 28:20) and will never leave us or forsake us (Joshua 1:5).

Our challenge is in our daily finite existence to seek through prayer and worship God's vision for our lives.

The fact is we are already as believers living in God's Kingdom and the short time we are here is followed by being face to face with Jesus!

This excellent video edit of the movie's arrival brings out the profound nature of love and the pain that goes along with it.

Our Lord Jesus knew the pain of love in ways we cannot imagine!

Praise him!

Video from Untold Audio

Arrival | HannaH - How Much Pain is Love Worth?

"This is by far my favorite movie. The statement it makes is so powerful. The idea that she loves her daughter so much, that she is willing to watch her suffer and die over and over. Just to experience the small moments of joy. I think a lot of people struggle with the idea of "How much pain is love worth?"

For me, this movie helped me realize the answer to that question." from the video introduction

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