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Art Affects Our Brain, Heart and Soul

Art Affects Our Brain, Heart and Soul
Art Affects Our Brain, Heart and Soul

Art Affects Our Brain, Heart and Soul

The Arts is an aesthetic witness to God's existence, goodness and mercy in the world and society.

Art Affects Our Brain, Heart and Soul!

Art can display both the good and evil found in the human heart.

In the excellent BBC video below we see how art affects our brains which mirror our feelings, emotions and intellects.

But art is far more complex than that.

Like music art directly interacts with US, the unique selves that we know so little about.

We first find art in the bible in Exodus 31 in which God instructs several artists to beautify "The Tent of Meeting". God goes on to say He PUT skill in the hearts of all who are skillful.

God gives each of us an array of gifts, spiritual and otherwise. In our short lives we may develope one or more of those gifts.

I have no doubt that in our resurrection bodies, in The New Jerusalem we will develope those gifts even more for eternity!

If you ar an artist direct your gift to the Glory of God, if you don't have that gift then enjoy art as the gift it is from our Great and Mercyful Lord!

What Does the Bible Say About Art?

"The first mention of art in the Bible is in Exodus 31. God is instructing Moses to create a tent for the ark of the covenant, and God mentions several artisans whom He has chosen to create “artistic designs” to beautify the tent. God says, “In the hearts of all who are skillful I have put skill.” We learn two things about God’s view of art in this passage: He likes it, and He is the source of it. He wants man to create beautiful things, and their skill in doing so is from Him.

Later, in 1 Kings 6, we see Solomon creating a temple for the Lord. In verse 4, “artistic frames” were made for the house. This reinforces the fact that God does desire beauty and likes to be surrounded by it. If Solomon did not think that God was glorified by beauty, he would never have taken the trouble to create “artistic” window frames. Again, in Song of Solomon, the beauty of the bride is compared to “the work of the hands of an artist” (7:1). God is the creator; He is the artist whose hands create beauty. It follows that any beauty we create is glorifying to God, our creator.

That said, it is important to define beauty. Art that is created to shock or horrify, or to glorify or elicit sin (violence, lust, greed) cannot be called “beautiful.” It is still “art” but not art that glorifies God. Using Exodus 31:3 as a guide, art that glorifies God should exhibit “skill, ability, and . . . craftsmanship” (BSB). Art that models God’s handiwork will be creative, intelligent, and well-crafted. It will have value.

God will not put in an artist’s heart to make things that will elicit sinful responses in others (Mark 9:42). He will not lead a person to create that which contradicts His nature. Artisans who create idols may be skillful (Isaiah 40:19), but they’re using their skill to pervert God’s glory, not honor it. This doesn’t mean that all art has to be like the Sistine Chapel, however, or that it can only depict biblical subjects like Jesus on the cross or the disciples in a boat. God dwells in “the perfection of beauty” (Psalm 50:2), and His holiness is beautiful (1 Chronicles 16:29 and Psalm 29:2). In creating God-glorifying art, the artist’s goal should be to lift the soul of man toward heaven and to illumine in new ways the multi-faceted beauty of God’s holiness, power, and grace.

There are literally millions of ways artists can depict God’s glory. Their creativity and the skill that God has placed in the artists’ hearts, heads, and hands will guide them to create art that will help us transcend the ugliness and pollution of this world. Whatever their medium—paint, pencil, textiles, marble, metal, drama, music, etc.—artists share a common mission and are a special and valuable part of God’s kingdom." from the article: What Does the Bible Say About Art?

See what your brain does when you look at art | BBC News

Video from BBC News

"Headsets that show the impact of art on human brainwaves are to be toured at museums and galleries around the UK.

They are connected to an electroencephalogram (EEG) monitor and allow people's brainwaves to be visualised in 3D and in real-time on screen.

The technology has already been used at the Courtauld Gallery in London where people were able to see the impact pieces by Vincent van Gogh had on their brains." from video introduction

God's Call for Creativity | Daily Disciple

Video from Daily Disciple

"A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with a friend and he told me that he wasn’t creative.

At the time this sounded like a strange thing to say, but I believed him.

It made sense to me that creativity was something you were born with, some people had it and some people didn’t.

I knew I was creative because I loved to draw

But looking back, I can see I had a limited perspective of what creativity was all about.

I thought creativity was just about enjoying painting or drawing. I was wrong..." from video introduction

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