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Art on Thursdays: Maxfield Parrish: Myth & Whimsy

Art on Thursdays: Maxfield Parrish: Myth & Whimsy

"Working in the first half of the 20th century, the NH artist Maxfield Parrish skyrocketed to success as an illustrator with his distinct saturated hues and neoclassical themes. His prolific career helped to shape the Golden Age of Illustration in the US and his fantastic landscapes and ethereal figures transported audiences to other realms. This program provides an overview of the artist’s life, inspiration, and artistic output. Image: Maxfield Parrish. The Lantern Bearers, 1908. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

About the Presenter:

Jane Oneail holds a master’s in Art History from Boston University and a master’s in Education from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She is an NH native and has worked at some of the state’s most esteemed cultural institutions, including the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, where she served as Executive Director, and the Currier Museum of Art, where she held the role of Senior Educator. Jane founded Currier’s Alzheimer’s Cafe and led the tour program for the museum and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Zimmerman House. She has taught Art History at the college level for more than a decade, most recently at the NH Institute of Art.

Culturally Curious's mission is to engage, educate, and unify groups through facilitated arts experiences that inspire joy and foster critical and creative thinking, as well as an appreciation for our shared humanity." from the video introduction

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