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Authentic Encounters With Jesus - Jessica Filbrun

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Video from Redeemer Modesto

Authentic Encounters With Jesus - Jessica Filbrun

"What does an authentic encounter with Jesus look like? Hear Jessica Filbrun share how in some of her darkest moments, when she felt like Jesus wasn't even there, she encountered Him." from video introduction

This young women's life I am certain reflects the life of many people. Too busy to have a relationship with Christ she identifies with her work and her ability to work hard and by doing so solve life's problems. Yet like many of us she discovers that hard work and a job will not solve life's problems and adversities. In despair she is ready to give up when God speaks to her and directs her.

Our great high priest and representative Christ Jesus is our mediator and through Him and the Person of the Holy Spirit our lives are aided and enriched. When God says he will never leave us or forsake us he means it. God knows our hearts and he knows the future and he knows if he works with us what we will do. Eternity is at stake.

where are you right now in life? Is life hard, unfair and difficult? Do you pray, do you confess, repent and listen for God's guidance?

Listen to Jessica Filburn's story and see if you can see yourself?

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