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Balloons, Aliens & Cosmic Saviors: The Rise of Neo-Paganism in America

During the Antichrist times, the strongest temptation will be anticipation of salvation from the cosmos, from humanoids, extraterrestrials that are actually the demons. One should rarely look up at the sky, as the signs might be deceptive and thus one may be ruined.” —St. Gabriel of Georgia, the Fool for Christ

"The Return of the gods" of old has been a subtle and not so subtle reality of America for many years now.

The occult and Satanism has become even more main stream in the past few years. The most recently publicized (among many things) is the depravity performed at the Grammy's.

The Devil Comes to the Grammy's
The Devil Comes to the Grammy's

Art and performance art has been pushed so far that there are few if any lines between Pornography/Satanism/Occult anymore even in the main stream media.

Christians must be aware of what is taking place in our culture.

Has God turned us over to our sins?

Paul wrote, “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)

Mocking God

American's are perishing!

People around the world are perishing and not just in wars and earthquakes.

God Himself sends chronic and belligerent unbelievers “a powerful delusion.” They become hardened in their sin, just as Pharaoh was in the Book of Exodus.

In life we also reap what we sow, which means the more we walk in error, the further we move into error. The more we walk in disobedience, the more we disobey.

Galatians 6:7-8

7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

The world mocks God.

And many in our nation mock God.

Today, we are witnessing people reaping what they have sown or with God giving them over to delusion.

The Denial of Reality

Part of the delusion is seen in many people, even many self-proclaimed Christians is buying into the bizarre Qanon conspiracies for example, or believing anything they read on-line or hear repeated.

Reality checks are meaningless now as reality has been rendered mute.

Christian Charismatics have repeatedly waved "prophecies" about the end times and many about Trump that have been proved has false and foolish. Some have apologized for their error yet many have continued the delusion that Trump has actually been appointed by God, and that he is the legitimate, even governing president.

This is but one example of the delusions that fill the minds of people across our nation.

Counting Balloons and UFO's

The UFO phenomenon is a sign to Orthodox Christians to walk all the more cautiously and soberly on the path to salvation, knowing that we can be tempted and seduced not merely by false religions, but even by seemingly physical objects which catch the eye.” —Fr Seraphim Rose

The UFO/UAP disclosure that so many have waited for and hoped for is trickling into the American Mainstream. Of course we must be alert to the fact that all manner of things have been normalized that should not be normalized. Pornography, drug use, the occult, depravity in all forms with the result being drag queens in public schools as an example. There are many more examples to cite but lets move on.

There is no doubt that if we are discerning, especially discerning Christian's we will have recognized that there has been a change in the world. Many things once unnoticed have become the focus of many people. Our culture continues to change as does the world.

“With every new wave of UFOs, the social impact becomes greater. More young people become fascinated with space, with psychic phenomena, with new frontiers in consciousness. More books and articles appear, changing our culture.” The Invisible College (1966) Jacques Vallée

The yearning for UFO's to be real and for Aliens also to be real and Save Us from ourselves as been simmering in the American culture for years. In fact there has been much written and even now the interest is at an all time high. The stigma once associated with Aliens and flying saucers is quickly disappearing.

I have written many articles about "The Phenomenon" and have many more in the works. We as humans love a mystery, we are problem solvers but "The Phenomenon" as has been labeled by many due to its vast nature is more insideious.

It sucks people in becoming an obsession, and not always a healthy obsession.

For those of you that have not been keeping up the revelations of the past few years, the Tic-Tac videos etc. has opened up the floodgates a little for UFO/Alien disclosure. The powers that be who control this knowledge and perhaps even have retrieved spacecraft and alien bodies continue the same game they have played for many years.

The reality is that there is so much indirect evidence that it is undeniable (in my opinion) that there is no doubt that there are entities beyond our perception at work around us.

So when the Chinese balloon traversed the U.S and then the Military all of a sudden decided to either act/release information they had not before, and then began shooting down more UFO's, well they the floodgates opened even more!!

The idea has been floated that this is part of a trickle of events leading up to disclosure of UFO's and Aliens as a reality.

But what this really comes down to is Social and Spiritual paradigm shifts of a significant magnitude we must not ignore it.

As our culture has moved away from a worldview that included religion and Christ what was displaced by our lord returns to fill our hearts and the void left behind.

The hopes of many is that some of these object that are being observed and shot down are Alien craft!

UFO Religions & Entity Contact

Belief in aliens doesn’t place “moral” or ethical constraints on peoples lifestyle.

Also there is no requirement for membership in an organization. There is no written book or creed to follow.

Like many new age religions it is a religion with a consumer twist. Make it up as you go.

There are many good people who are Atheists and who believe in Aliens. However we all know or should know that strictly "being good" is not a basis for anything beyond this life.

Christ requires us to leave everything behind and follow him. Nothing else comes close to the personal relationship we have with Jesus!

Why UFO Religions Are On The Rise

Video from hochelaga

Many people have formed religions based around "Alien Saviors". And now UFO researchers have formed groups which are basically religions to call in UFO's and Alien entities with their mind or psychic abilities.

Contact the CE5 Experience [Official Trailer]

Video from 1091 Pictures

"In the follow up to “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” Dr. Steven Greer goes deeper into the practice of CE-5 with Investigative Filmmaker Serena DC where he reveals how to expand your consciousness and have your very own Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind. Every year, Dr. Greer holds expeditions around the USA at UFO hot spots where he teaches a small, select group of attendees how to use the CE5 protocols. With full disclosure of the existence of ET’s & UFO’s imminent, Dr Greer has granted UFO experiencer, Investigative Filmmaker Serena DC unprecedented access into his fascinating world to share how he developed the CE5 protocols with ET’s, their message for humanity & how everyone on earth can use these protocols to make contact with Extraterrestrials & UFO’s. Dr Greer and his team have captured thousands of videos and photos of UFO’s, orbs of light and Extraterrestrial beings at these CE5 expeditions and millions of people around the world have started using these same protocols to have their own incredible contact experiences. Join, Dr. Greer, Serena DC and CE5 experiencers as they take part in CE5’s and share their incredible stories, videos and photo captures from their own mind blowing Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.' from video introduction

Contacting entities we know absolutely nothing about is foolish and dangerous. To think this is enlightenment is gullibility in spades! We tell our children not to talk to strangers be we as adults would allow ourselves to be vulnerable to something like this is folly!

The Return of the "gods"

Jonathan Cahn: The Return Of The gods Unfiltered!

"The must see prophetic message from NY Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn that is shaking America and the world, watch as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn unveils the mystery of the RETURN OF THE GODS direct from the Morris Cerullo 52nd Annual World Conference at the Legacy international Center in San Diego, California on January 26th, 2023!" from video introduction

Long ago there were the days of the gods.

At that time dominant evil spirits were invited by their citizens to reign over tribes and nations. They filled the people with their evil, and they controlled entire civilizations. Kings bowed to them and priests sang their praises, and altars were built to honor them. They were worshipped and dreaded by everyone.

So have we found and invited those same ancient and evil entities back into our culture?

The 'Dark Trinity': Jonathan Cahn Contends America's Brutal Culture Wars Are Really About 'The Return of the Gods'


As culture wars have raged from D.C. to California, a prophetic rabbi says there's an explanation behind the radical headlines Americans have endured in the past few decades. He examines the world through a biblical lens to help Christians discern why events are happening in our world today.

Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn uses a spiritual paradigm to make sense of the cultural revolution that has seemed like a runaway train for years, from the abortion battles to the sanctioning of gay marriage to the latest push for transgender transformations for little children.

Cahn, a Messianic Jewish minister who called America to repent and turn to Jesus Christ from the National Mall in Washington just a few years ago, says it all boils down to a "dark trinity": the three evil spirits worshipped by ancient civilizations. He says what's happening in America from "pride month" to "cancel culture" can be traced back to the ancient Middle East.

Cahn, the author of bestsellers like The Harbinger and his new documentary, The Harbingers of Things to Come, has issued numerous warnings for America to repent. Years ago, he pointed to 9/11 as a pivotal point and more recently warned of "The 19-Year Mystery."

In The Harbinger II, his chapter called "The 19-Year Mystery" refers to the ancient biblical "template of judgment." He says America is following in the ominous footsteps of ancient Israel. When judgment came to Israel, the first strike came in 605 BC when the armies of Babylon invaded the land. Yet, the greater shakings came in 586 BC as judgment ravaged the land – 19 years between the two events. Following the same biblical template, America's first strike happened on September 11, 2001. But an even greater shaking came to America in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020, 19 years after 9/11.


Throughout the Bible, the scriptures warn about people turning away from the true God to serve new ones. Cahn points out that the book of Psalms calls this form of idolatry a "trap". He says these "gods" are still around and they've invaded the U.S. on a spiritual level.

In the days of the gods, which were dominant evil spirits, they reigned over tribes and nations, infused people with their evil, and mastered civilizations. Kings bowed to them, priests sang their praises, and altars were built in their honor. They were worshipped and dreaded.

He says a turning point came when the gospel of Christ finally went out from the city of Jerusalem and spread throughout the land of Judea. The message of God entered the lands of many gods and idols. The message of the gospel overcame the reign of the gods. "The spell of the gods was broken," Cahn shares.

Sexuality was to be treated as a sacred gift from God, to be honored and kept in the equally sacred vessel of marriage. Children were no longer to be abused, mistreated, or sacrificed. Government could no longer claim the authority of godhood. The gods had been cast out of their temples, their cities, and lands from Western civilization itself which represented the greatest mass exorcism in world history. The gods lost their hold, and the spirits departed..


Cahn shares, "Christianity brought about the casting out of gods from Western civilization… upon reentering, they would seek to bring about the casting out of Christianity from Western civilization."

He argues that the gods or spirits that have returned to America and Western civilization are the same gods that seduced ancient Israel. He points out the following demonic spirits are the three most prominent gods that transformed ancient Israel and led to their fall from God:

1. The Possessor – Baal represented the nation's turning away from God. His strategy is to separate the nation from the Word and the ways of God. In America, he did this by removing prayer from schools. By causing God's ways to become alien to the nation's children, he could cause the alienation of America from God.

2. The Enchantress – Also known as Mrs. Baal, this spirit is referenced in the book of Judges. The two gods Baal and Ashtoreth or Ishtar are linked together. The Enchantress god represents the goddess of sexuality. She started the sexual revolution. The return of Ishtar to the modern world weakened marriage. Sex became a god to be pursued. America became filled with pornography. Images that were once forbidden or taboo began to fill the movie screens.

There was another side of Ishtar, another power and another agenda. She was a sorceress or the Transformer – a god who changes man into woman and woman into man by altering human desire, identity, and nature itself. The Transformer takes the sexual revolution to a deeper level and transforms America and Western civilization:

* Stonewall – The goddess to modern culture made her return in a way no other event had on June of 1969. The police raided a gay bar of Greenwich in New York City. Two hundred people were at the bar. Police began loading some of the people at the raid into a van. During one of the arrests, something took hold of the crowd who began taunting the police officers and hurling objects at them. It became so dangerous the police had to retreat into the bar fearing for their lives. The crowd even tried to charge the bar to get to the officers until help arrived.

"The Stonewall riots" continued for days. What happened that night went beyond the human realm. Cahn points to some important signs or symbols: A bar down from the bar was called the Lion's Head – the same sign that in ancient times, represented the power of the goddess as she entered war. Also, on that night despite the fighting several began performing a dance – the Dance of Ishtar.

* Supreme Court – Cahn contends it is no accident that Pride Month is in June. The goddess's entrance and inauguration of her resurrected movement at Stonewall took place at the exact time ordained by the Mesopotamian calendar and the ancient mystery. The observations, celebrations, and Pride Parades were held around the end of June which was typically within a week or days from the summer solstice, the time of pagan celebration.

Aside from Stonewall opening an ancient door there are three landmark cases in the United States Supreme Court which opened other doors: (1) The first door – legalization of homosexuality which happened in the summer – in the month of June; (2) The second door – overturning the defense of marriage took place on June 26, 2003 and (3) The third door – overturning of marriage which legalized same sex marriage across America took place toward the end of June. * Rainbow – On the night that marriage was struck down, the sign of the goddess, the rainbow – lit up the Empire State Building, the waters of Niagara Falls, and the house which governs America, the White House. The power of metamorphosis belonged to Ishtar where she could transform a man into a woman and a woman into a man. She changed our nation's priorities, values, and desires. "What the culture once rejected, it would now accept; and what it once accepted, it would now reject," Cahn shares.

3. The Destroyer – The most mysterious member of the dark trinity is known as Molech. His name makes several appearances in scripture. For example, when King Solomon fell away from God, he built high places, altars, and sanctuaries for the foreign gods. One of them was Molech. He was the god associated with sacrifice of human beings, especially children by their parents. The abomination is a sign of a nation that has turned entirely against the ways of God and become lost to Him.." from the article: The 'Dark Trinity': Jonathan Cahn Contends America's Brutal Culture Wars Are Really About 'The Return of the Gods'

Our Many Idols

All of us have our idols whether we know it or not. We are all sinners and are prone to these sins. But if we focus on Christ and are under the influence of The Person of the Holy Spirit those idols fall way from us.

"..After many years passed, there arose people - false prophets - who told [their nations] that God had commanded them to say: Serve this star - or all the stars - sacrifice to it, offer libations to it, build a temple for it and make an image of it so that all people - including the women, the children, and the common people - could bow to it.

He would inform them of a form that he had conceived, and tell them that this is the image of the particular star, claiming that this was revealed to him in a prophetic vision. In this manner, the people began to make images in temples, under trees, and on the tops of mountains and hills.

People would gather together and bow down to them and the [false prophets] would say: This image is the source of benefit or harm. It is appropriate to serve it and fear it. Their priests would tell them: This service will enable you to multiply and be successful. Do this and this, or do not do this or this.

Subsequently, other deceivers arose and declared that a specific star, sphere, or angel had spoken to them and commanded them: Serve me in this manner. He would then relate a mode of service [telling them:] Do this, do not do this.

Thus, these practices spread throughout the world. People would serve images with strange practices - one more distorted than the other - offer sacrifices to them, and bow down to them. As the years passed, [God's] glorious and awesome name was forgotten by the entire population. [It was no longer part of] their speech or thought, and they no longer knew Him. Thus, all the common people, the women, and the children would know only the image of wood or stone and the temples of stone to which they were trained from their childhood to bow down and serve, and in whose name they swore..." from the article: Who Was the First to Worship and Idol?

Aliens & The god of this World

Do Other gods Exist? Are they Demons or Fake Idols - Dr Michael Heiser

Video from Theoria Logos

When the people of the ancient world and even people now around the world worshipped an idol, a created statue or some other designated object Demons often inhabited that object.

Around our world today we have cultures that have submitted to Demons and idols. Haiti, Afghanistan, and the list goes on. Does that list include America now? The fact also must be remembered that God is also at work in these places. Light vanquishes darkness.

Human evil does not need Satanic evil. Yet both work together to resist God.

What would life beyond Earth mean for Christians?

"Astronomers are discovering thousands of planets in orbit around other stars. They now estimate that there are billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy. Could intelligent life be living on some of those planets? This is the subject of much scientific speculation and entertaining science fiction. While we haven’t yet detected signs of alien life, what would such a discovery mean for Christians?

Some atheists claim the discovery of aliens would destroy organized religion or invalidate the Bible. However, a survey of religious people found that most are comfortable with the idea of intelligent aliens and do not see it threatening their beliefs. Astronauts such as John Glenn actually found their trip to space to bring them closer to God and to a deeper faith. The Bible is still relevant in the space age; it makes claims far beyond the people and places of Earth, describing God as the Creator of all life and the entire cosmos. Yet many questions remain.

Let’s think about some of the common questions Christians ask about intelligent life beyond Earth. While we ponder these, we can remember that the significance of humanity is based on God’s actions toward us here on Earth. On our planet, God became incarnate as one of us and sacrificed himself to save us. Whether there are aliens or not, we are significant in God’s eyes. We can stay curious about life beyond Earth and celebrate all life that God chooses to create...

4. Would meeting aliens change our understanding of the incarnation?

Central to Christianity is the incarnation of Jesus Christ as fully God and fully human. If God created intelligent species on other planets, would Christ have been incarnate in those species too? Or is the incarnation unique to Earth?

Some Christians see Christ as becoming incarnate in multiple races. C.S. Lewis uses this picture in his Narnia series. In The Last Battle, he portrays Aslan as parallel to Jesus on Earth, the same person incarnate in different species on different planets. Supporters of this view argue that the incarnation is an expression of God’s self-giving love for people he has made, and thus the incarnation is just as appropriate for aliens as it is for humans.

Other Christians see Christ as incarnate only in humans. Christianity emphasizes the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and describes his ascension and current heavenly reign in bodily form. Supporters of this view argue that the incarnation has cosmic implications and thus can only occur once. Moreover, a single person cannot become incarnate as multiple individuals without contradiction; which nature would Christ have in heaven? God would still love other intelligent life, but would relate to aliens in ways different than he relates to humans. God could use other means to reveal himself and demonstrate his self-giving love.

While Christians disagree on this issue, both views uphold the incarnation of Jesus Christ on Earth and God’s character of self-giving love.." from the article: What would life beyond Earth mean for Christians? #extraordinarygod

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