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Before You Listen To Another Prophecy - You Might Want To Hear This...

Video from Grace For Purpose

"A video that explores the biblical definition of a false prophet and also sheds light on the wickedness of these false prophets who are used by the devil." from video introduction.

Americans are exposed to many false prophets on TV and the internet. And sadly many American Christians are gullible and easily influenced by theses false prophets. The prophecies surrounding Donald Trump is an excellent example. People including Christians seem to be willing to be deceived and will accept lies and conspiracies that fit there desires for what they believe reality should be.

“God told me . . .” is being used off handedly in the same way “my truth ” has become the cry of the moral relativists. God told me apparently is code for my opinion or hunch. And like any good con artist theses neo charismatic false prophets use the bait and switch. If their guess is right then God has spoken to them, if they are wrong they fall back to they misinterpreted God's words, it will happen soon. The majority of theses false prophets also have their hand out for donations.

Pastor Richard Blaylock defines prophecy as:

"The gift of prophecy is a miraculous act of intelligible communication, rooted in spontaneous, divine revelation and empowered by the Holy Spirit, which results in words that can be attributed to any and all Persons of the Godhead and which therefore must be received by those who hear or read them as absolutely binding and true."

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