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Bethlehem - The Birthplace of Salvation (Episode One) Along the Road

Video from Our Daily Bread

"Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a village in which the Lord frequently delivered solutions for people in trouble. Matthew and Luke reference this village nine times in telling the story of Jesus’s birth, highlighting that it too is a solution story.

ABOUT THE SERIES While walking the roads of the Holy Land, Jesus often taught His followers lessons that would come down to us through God’s Word. But from our perspective—in our very different time and place—many of the Lord’s allusions to the surrounding landscape have been lost. In this seven-episode series, Dr. John (Jack) Beck highlights how the land provided talking points both to the original disciples and to us today. Enhance your own spiritual journey with this series. ABOUT YOUR HOST Dr. John (Jack) A. Beck is a scholar, educator, and writer with extensive experience in biblical geography. He has a PhD in theology and Old Testament from Trinity International University and is an adjunct faculty member at Jerusalem University College in Israel. His passion is to make the wisdom of the Bible understandable to Christians, and he has been writing on the topic of biblical geography for more than sixteen years, both within and outside of the Middle East." from video introduction.

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