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Betraying Christ: A Tale of Two Disciples (Matthew 26-27)

Vide from Grace to You

"Deception is Satan’s stock and trade; and he is the god of this world and he uses deception every possible way he can. This morning I just want to talk about the reality of a deception from a very clear narrative in Scripture, and I want you to turn to Matthew chapter 26. Now you’re going to have to have your Bible handy because we’re going to do something like we’ve been doing and cover large portions of Scripture together. Just to remind you of the fact that Satan is a deceiver, He planted, He planted a deceiver among the twelve disciples, right alongside the faithful. This has always been his ploy.

I’ve been reading some surveys this last week or so in which, quote-unquote, “evangelicals” have been surveyed. “Evangelical” is a term that comes from euaggelizō in Greek, which means to preach the gospel, so supposedly, gospel believers. And I read that the majority of gospel believers believe that Jesus was created by God the Father. The majority of evangelicals believe that God accepts any religion and lets people into His heaven.

That’s contemporary evangelicalism. It is not true. A true gospel believer does not believe Jesus was a created being. The survey said a third of evangelicals does not believe Jesus is God. No true Christian would say that; heretics say that, apostates say that, and those who reject the gospel say that.

But somehow it’s become acceptable to believe that and still be labeled an evangelical. If you think the pandemic has created confusion, just remind yourself that that confusion has to do with temporal life. The confusion on the spiritual level is infinity worse because it has to do with eternal life. So I want to tell you a story that our Lord provided through Matthew and some of the other gospel writers. But I want to go back to history a little bit and tell you about two preachers..." from the transcript.


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