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Bible Engagement is Necessary for a Daily Relationship with Christ

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A Well Read Bible
A Well Read Bible

Bible Engagement is Necessary for a Daily Relationship with Christ

America Burns, God is Shunned & The Devil Has a Convention

All of you know as burned out, frustrated and distracted Americans how difficult it is for most to give any attention to Holy Scripture.

We have so filled our lives with what we consider necessary that God and His Word have been given the status of lesser importance.

As our cultural significance has faded and churches have in many cases been reduced to social centers that talk about Jesus we find ourselves in a pickle!

Now we can blame "the church" and by that i mean the pastors, the denominations etc., but that we be too easy.

The reality is the problem is all of us Christians in the pews that decided that daily study, reading of scripture does not yield any profit. So we do the least amount required to make ourselves feel like we are doing our part.

But God does not work that way and our sins of apostasy turn us away from our Lord and not toward Him. We trivialize church, God's place in our society and world. This affront to God will only be tolerated by Him for so long.

Humans have turned from God and now embrace evil through mass shootings and all manner of depravity.

Meanwhile our culture in general continues to spiral downward into Satanic Conventions, Mass Murders on a daily basis, suicides of dispair, pornography mainstreamed and on and on we go.

The State of the Bible in America

The latest "State of the Bible" study is out and to no ones surprise bible engagment continues to decline. The link to the study is below for your to read, but here is a take away. In general Americans say they don’t have enough time (26%), they don’t know where to start (17%), or lack excitement about reading it (16%), have difficulty relating to the language (15%), see the layout/design as difficult to navigate (9%), or feel the bible stories are confusing (8%).

A Burden of Resources

There has never before been a time in the history of the world when believers have had so much access to resources for Bible study as we do today. There are many thousands of excellent Bible handbooks and commentaries, and uncounted useful articles, videos, podcasts, and sermons produced each day. But all of these resources can be a blessing and a curse.

With so much to choose from where do we begin?

Read the Bible, God's Holy Word

The choice is a simple one. Stop relying on supplemental resources and just read the bible more. The more you read it even if you fail to grasp much of it the better.

But the burden is not all yours. You must acknowledge to God in prayer that you are weak and need the help of the Person of the Holy Spirit and Christ to make his word a part of your life and thinking. Just as we priortize many other things in our lives we must put God and His word at the forefront!

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