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Biblical Teaching on the Demonic: With Dr. Sam Storms

Video from The Remnant Radio

"Dr. Sam Storms from Bridgeway Church came on Remnant Radio to discuss Spiritual warfare. Dr. Storms give us a Biblical teaching on the demonic in this episode with both biblical exegesis and personal experience. Hope you enjoy." from video introduction.

"Dr. Sam Storms: Who I Am:

I’ve been in some form of pastoral ministry or higher education for 48 years. I’ve pastored churches in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and am entering my 14th year here at Bridgeway as the Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision. I proposed to my wife, Ann, on our first date! Really. No, she didn’t give me an answer, thinking to herself that this guy must be nuts! But it worked. In May of 2022 we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We have two adult daughters and four grandchildren. I love books (both reading and writing them), preaching, baseball, movies, and all things University of Oklahoma..." from the website: Bridgeway Church


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