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Birthright Series: Rise of the Giants (8 of 8) Timothy Alberino

Updated: Apr 13

Video from Timothy Alberino

Birthright Series Part 8

"This is part 8 in a series of lectures based on Timothy Alberino's bestselling book Birthright. In this lecture, Alberino discusses the Genesis 6 affair and the giants that were born from the union of the elder race and the human race. Birthright is a revolutionary book that connects the dots between an array of riveting topics, including the pre-adamic world, the angelic rebellion, the destruction of Planet Rahab, the Garden of Eden, the Book of Enoch, the fall of the watchers, the giants of Genesis 6, Luciferianism and the occult, UFO's and alien abductions, transhumanism, the mark of the beast, and the battle of Armageddon. Click on the link below to purchase Birthright" from video introduction

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