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Bishop Barron on The Meaning of the Gospel

Video from Bishop Robert Barron

"Mark’s Greek term the gospel, euangelion, which we render as “good news,” was a word that was typically used to describe an imperial victory. When the emperor, Caesar, won a battle or quelled a rebellion, he sent “evangelists” ahead with the good news. In Mark’s writing, Christ’s death and resurrection signals a new victory, a victory that goes far beyond the battles of this world. Jesus conquered all of sin and death, and this good news changes everything. As Catholics, we are all called to spread the euangelion of Christ the Victor. While some of us may serve as missionaries to distant lands, most of us can be evangelists by simply bearing this good news to those around us. Imagine the impact we would have on the lives of individuals, on the broader culture and the world at large if we each shone forth the gospel of Jesus Christ..." from the article: What is the Gospel?

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