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C.S. Lewis, Men without Chests: Dr. Scott Masson (2 of 22)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Video from Dr. Scott Masson

"C.S. Lewis's 1943 work The Abolition of Man was written as a response to a book written by two sixth-form educators to whom the author appends the fictive names Gaius and Titius. The first chapter, Men without Chests, not only defends the idea that aesthetic claims can be true, which the educators debunk, he claims that the heart of education has always consisted in cultivating the souls of the young to feel appropriate emotions, because they are rooted in truth. The new form of education, then, is not education at all, it is 'conditioning', what elsewhere will be called propaganda. Lewis's thesis engages in one of the key educational issues of his day, and ours." from video introduction.

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