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Can You Make The Case For A LOCAL FLOOD From Scripture Alone?

Video from Dr. Michael Heiser

"When it comes to the question: how do you get the Nephilim after the flood? One of the possibilities is that the flood was not global in extent. We assume that the language in Genesis describes a worldwide i.e. global Cataclysm. The entire world was covered with water. But there are other views of the flood, one of them is that it was a local or regional event, and you can actually argue, pretty well, for a regional local flood using nothing but Scripture. Check it out! Are YOU ready for a paradigm shift in the way you study theology and see the Scriptures? Are YOU prepared to recover the supernatural worldview of the Bible? If you want to have access to the complete lesson, make sure to sign up for the upcoming UNSEEN REALM 101 and 102 Course beginning soon at The Awakening School of Theology & Ministry! Learn more here: Sign up here:" from video introduction.

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