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Carl Trueman: Classical Theology and the Modern Mind

Video from Credo

Carl Trueman: Classical Theology and the Modern Mind

"Carl Trueman delivered the inaugural lecture (2023) for the Center for Classical Theology.

The CCT annual lecture is sponsored by Crossway. In the aftermath of modernism’s deconstruction of dogmatics, each lectureship is committed to the renewal of dogmatics with the church catholic (universal)—from the church fathers to the medieval and Protestant scholastics. CCT summons the next generation of theologians to exemplify biblical reasoning, rational contemplation, and reformed catholicity that directs systematic theology to its spiritual end and most blessed hope: beholding the beauty of the Lord.

Come to the next lecture in San Diego this November (2024) to hear Reformed theologian Michael Horton. Register at

Watch the Q&A with Trueman, James Dolezal, Matthew Barrett, and Kevin DeYoung here:

• Center of Classical Theology Panel 2023 " from video introduction

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