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Charles van Sandwyk: Illustrator, Writer, Wanderer

Updated: Apr 13

Video from Opus Art Supplies

Charles van Sandwyk: Illustrator, Writer, Wanderer

"You are invited to peek into the whimsical, magical world of Charles van Sandwyk, sitting down by the fire to be inspired by his love of storytelling! - We visited this beloved artist and author to discover how illustration, etching, watercolor, and book-binding by hand play into his work. See his process come alive as Charles transports you to his magical home studio in North Vancouver, where elves, fairies, and woodland creatures are conjured up to impart ancient lessons from the tales of old. Watch our short documentary with Charles above or on the Opus YouTube Channel to see how this Canadian artist truly embodies the title of Charles van Sandwyk: Illustrator, Writer, Wanderer." from video introduction

"Whimsy in nature is very appealing to me. Ever since I was a lad in Africa, I've been inspired by detail and clarity - the sharpness of a hornbill's eye, the curve of its beak, the fine hairs on a warthog's snout. I strove to put to paper the magic that was in the world around me. The heart of my stories came much later when I happened upon Fiji in my 20th year. Fijians are great storytellers and avid listeners, and I was always asked to prepare evening tales for the family I stayed with, particularly for the children. I still work closely with the friendships I forged in Fiji all those years ago, and I'm proud to collaborate with Mr. Waisiki Doughty who I've known for 37 years. The need to create whimsical artwork comes from a deep love of humanity. We are servants of beauty.

- Charles van Sandwyk'

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