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China Persecution: China's Goal of Remaking Christianity in It's Image!

The Chinese Communist Party hopes to turn Christianity in China first then the world into a "Pseudo-Christianity" sub-serviant to the CCP.

China Persecution

China Persecution
China Persecution

China's "Sinicization" Campaign

In english to be more Chinese is called sinicization.

This has been underway for a few years.

China wants “to make religion Chinese”. Chinese Christianity must be ‘Chinese’ in that its worship of Jesus is "culturally Chinese". The forbidden reality is the cross of Jesus Christ. “The term ‘religious sinicization’ refers to the indigenisation of religious faith, practice, and ritual in Chinese culture and society.”

President Xi has called for the ‘sinicization’ of religion in China led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to ‘guide the adaptation of religions to China’s socialist society.’ From President Xi's point of view, ‘religious sinicization’ is primarily political and ideological. Ideologically the CCP wants to impose Party ideology over religious belief and practice.

"Sinicization" Will Make Christianity Flourish!

Xi’s policy of ‘sinicization’ is forcing unregistered churches to revive clandestine meetings to avoid becoming a church guided by the State.

The actual effect of ‘sinicization’ could well nurture the very religious autonomy that it was designed to crush. The current attempt to rein in religion in China will change Chinese Christian churches, but it is unlikely to cut off their continued growth and influence, given their ability to adapt quickly.”

Pray for wisdom and discernment for church leaders, courage and faithfulness for seminary and Bible school teachers.

Pray that the Gospel of salvation through Jesus would spread all over China.

China Persecution: “The Lord is With Me”

"We left off in our last video as Richard and Jeanette’s apartment was raided by 25 Chinese policemen. The couple knew that their time in China was over after 10 years of ministry, but they didn’t know how long it might be before they were allowed to leave. Listen now as Jeanette recalls exactly what happened when she returned to their apartment to find police searching through their bookshelves and closets and questioning her husband. Despite the chaos of the raid, Jeanette continued relying on the sovereignty and goodness of God, reminding herself often that He is trustworthy no matter our circumstances. She prayed fervently for Richard as he was taken away by the police. Richard experienced God’s sovereignty and the Holy Spirit at work as he sat in the police station interrogation room, living in the truth of Luke 12:11-12. In spite of police threats, Richard relied on scripture God brought to his mind and four things he knew he had to stand firm in as he tried to answer the police accusations. Listen also for how Chinese Christians supported Richard and Jeanette during their ordeal, including a local church pastor who knocked on their door and offered a bold prayer for Richard. Their local Christian community brought Jeanette great comfort, providing practical proof that the Lord was with them. Pray that persecuted Chinese Christians will stand firm in faith and be encouraged by the Body of Christ. One group of Chinese Christians, the Mayflower Church, made the decision as a congregation to flee their homeland. Pastor Pan, leader of the group, was our guest on VOM Radio last month. Listen this week for a praise update on this group of believers and their immigration case." from video introduction

Am I even a Christian!? The Underground Church in China story you must hear!

Video from IsaiahSaldivar

"In this video, you'll hear the story of an underground church in China that has been persecuted by the government. This church has been forced to hide its members and services, but they continue to meet and worship despite the risks. This is an important story that you need to hear. It shows you the depths to which Christians can go in order to worship God freely. It also shows you the importance of fighting for religious freedom, no matter what the cost. If you're a Christian, then you need to watch this video!" from video introduction

Pastors' conference heralds CCP plan to 'change the face of world Christianity': report

"Is the Chinese Communist Party ready to export its highly centralized version of Protestant Christianity to the rest of the world?

That's the gist of a report from religious liberty and human rights magazine Bitter Winter stating a conference held last month with state-aligned religious leaders declared the CCP's intent to "change the face of world Christianity."

According to the report, the "Training Meeting for Key Pastors of the Northeast China Christian Region" held June 27-30 in the northeast Jilin province was the launch of a "grandiose" plan from Chinese President Xi Jinping and the CCP.

As part of the nationally-broadcast conference, Pastor Kan Baoping of the China Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee and Pastor Shan Weixiang of the China Christian Council were reportedly among the speakers at the conference.

In his speech centered on "Christianity adapted to a socialist society," Kan predicted the Three-Self Movement would help amplify the message of "the successful experience of the Sinicization of Christianity."

"We will change the face of world Christianity," Pastor Kan reportedly told the conference.

While the term "sinicization" has been used by CCP authorities to describe bringing Christian groups in line with cultural and historical Chinese traditions, critics argue that the "fundamental purpose of the Sinicization of Christianity is to transform and alienate Christianity."

By doing so, according to the human rights group ChinaAid, the CCP "hopes to reduce Christianity to the point that it operates as a tool, turning it into 'Pseudo-Christianity.'"

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