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Choosing How America Declines: Christian Americanism or Marxist Liberalism?

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Democracy not Theocracy

Lets say right up from that only Christ can save us from ourselves.

To say we are living under a "Great Delusion" is an understatement.

It has become harder and harder to tell the difference between Trump supporters and Antifa, Christians and non Christians.

Now I understand many Christians believe we are in a moment in which we must act even as we wave our Bibles & Bullets! Here is a video from Doug Wilson in which he makes a case for the right to be an Insurrectionist to protest etc.

Video from Canon Press

'In this episode of Doug Reacts, Pastor Doug Wilson responds to a clip from Russell Moore on January 6th. Check out "Slaying Leviathan: Limited Government and Resistance in the Christian Tradition" today!" from video introduction.

Yet I think it needs to be pointed out that to be saved by Trump, Bannon and those in their service might be just as big a pill as to be saved by Biden and the Marxist Liberals. If Trumps track record of endless bankruptcies are any indication and if social destruction with nothing to follow as we see with Bannon and others we will be in dire straights.

Hanging God and Jesus on your rants and destructive plans never makes it righteous. yet people try!

There is much more going on here than just our foolish political idolatries. The Spiritual Warfare is palpable and we should know this. As many Christians give Christ a glance and spend all their time on evil drags our nation even further down into the grave.

Whom will we follow?

If we prefer a Human solution over a Godly one we already know where that leads!

"Christian Americanism" is the idea that God called the United States into being as an extraordinary providence. Often passages about the election of Israel in the old covenant are taken out of context and applied to America.

In the new covenant there is no “Holy Nation”, rather Christ established a universal kingdom, taking salvation to the ends of the earth through his Gospel. The Kingdom of God gathers all people around “the Lamb who was slain” and “ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” to be “a kingdom and priests to our God” (Rev. 5:9, 12).

Cultural Marxism will fail and fail badly. The only way it can succeed in any way is if Christians start thinking and reacting like those they oppose!

We minimize prayer, bible reading, confession and repentance in our lives while maximizing the things of the world around us.

Christians I believe have made a deal with the devil in their bid for political privilege. We see this as the church loses confidence in the Spirit’s power as he works through the Gospel. We then communicate to the world that the Body of Christ requires worldly power for it to succeed.

More food for thought:

"For three hours every day, the Republican coup plotters who inspired the domestic terror attack at the U.S. Capitol last year gather to discuss their next move. On their January 6th anniversary program, the Dead Cops Society beseeched their great patriotic listeners to “Seize The Day. We’re ashamed of nothing. We’re proud of the work we did on January 6th.”

Their scheming does not take place in caves in the Hindu Kush mountains. Nor in a vacated Florida flophouse with an acid-filled bathtub. In fact, it doesn’t happen in secret at all.

You can find these enemies of democracy livestreaming across multiple platforms for your convenience. Dish channel 219. Samsung TV Plus Channel 1029. Roku. Apple TV. Pluto TV. Amazon Fire! You can livestream the proceedings on the web at or catch clips on Rumble. Or listen through IHeartRadio.

If you are a regular working American who wants to overthrow the regime but can’t sneak away from your day job, not to worry, Apple Podcasts is platforming daily mutiny discourse for your convenience 24/7. And as it turns out, Insurrection Radio does big numbers. Last I checked it was the #9 News Podcast in America on Apple. According to the hosts—and these guys would never lie, obvi—the show has gotten an eye-popping 125 million downloads.

Insurrection never paid so good...According to the high priests of MAGA, we are in a “spiritual battle of historical proportions.” “You can see evil raising its head . . . All this evil is rising up again . . . When are you going to save your courage for, a rainy day? Right now it’s pouring outside. There is no other time in history where you’d need to get out and speak out and not have fear . . . Prayer is a great thing when you’re praying, but also you need to get out and act.”

Last year the faithful acted.

Today they are marshaling their forces and gathering their strength to do so again.

The evil is rising up and it must be stopped." from the article: I Spent Insurrection Week Listening to Steve Bannon

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