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Choosing Theology Over Entertainment

Today most of us will choose entertainment instead of a relationship with Jesus.

Entertainment has become a balm for many to escape and destress from our hustle culture.

Entertainment is easy and accessable.

A relationship with Jesus requires honesty and intention.

To have that relationship we must put aside the things of this world and seek Him out!

We must pray, confess our sins and repent.

A relationship with Jesus carries over into eternity. Our non stop pursuit of entertainment is not a thing God recognizes as a life for Him and for others.

Which do you choose?

Video from TheologyMom

Choosing Theology Over Entertainment

We are all theologians. Why? Because everyone has beliefs about God. The question is, do you have sound or unsound theology. How can parents equip themselves to think more accurately about God so they can disciple the kids in their lives more effectively.

This is a rebroadcast from the Brave Parenting podcast." from video introduction

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