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Christian Nationalism and The Machete of Dis-obfuscation - Doug Wilson

Video from Blog & Mablog

"In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson discusses a recent piece on Christian Nationalism. "A term of abuse that is currently being used to marginalize any and all conservative believers is not necessarily the term we would have picked to describe our position, had we gone out shopping for a term. Which we didn’t. At the same time, three cheers for Christian nationalism! And I hardly ever use exclamation marks!" Blog and Mablog is presented by Canon Press." from video introduction.

I have a great deal of respect for Doug Wilson and I think he gets it right most of the time. I do agree that people are being labeled abusively by some as a "Christian Nationalist" in a negative way.

Yet I also believe that Doug and others are very quick to give "Trump and his partners in crime a free pass." After all as the theory goes since he managed to get Roe repealed he can be as criminal as he wants too and we will look the other way! Am I wrong? - Andy

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