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Christianity and Liberalism: The Church

Video from Reformed Forum

Christianity and Liberalism: The Church

"We welcome John Muether and Danny Olinger to discuss the seventh and final chapter of Machen’s classic book, Christianity and Liberalism. The chapter highlights the importance of the church as the most important social institution in Christianity. Machen argues that the church is not only concerned with saving individual souls but also with education and the maintenance of social life in this world. He critiques the liberal view of the church as a mere human institution and emphasizes the importance of the church as the body of Christ. The chapter concludes by emphasizing the need for Christians to be united in the Church and the incompatibility of liberalism and Christianity on this question. Overall, the chapter provides a detailed and insightful analysis of the theological and biblical foundations of the church. 00:00:07 Introduction 00:02:24 Upcoming Projects on Meredith G. Kline 00:06:36 Christianity and Liberalism: The Church 00:12:46 Ecclesiology and Unbelief in the Church 00:16:52 Is Machen Representative of Other Presbyterians? 00:23:20 The PCUSA Losing Its Presbyterian Identity 00:29:10 The Source of the "Nones" 00:40:08 The True Presbyterian Church of the World 00:47:57 Hymns in the Back of the Hymnal 01:07:04 Rest from Strife 01:09:37 Conclusion This is Christ the Center episode 819 (' rom video introduction


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