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Christians DON'T Know The Bible Anymore...Here's What We Need to Do

Today we read less and we know less.

We have become reliant on short summaries from the internet instead of thought reading and research.

Likewise as Christians we in general do not read our bible, we do not study our bible.

Most Christians sadly are biblically illiterate yet we claim to know Christ.

A relationship with Jesus is integrated with our love for scripture.

The question we ask ourselves is do we substitute entertainment, sports, etc. for reading God's Holy Word?

Have we become so shallow and secular we prefer the things of this world to Christ?

Christians DON'T Know The Bible Anymore...Here's What We Need to Do

'Most Christians don't read their Bible anymore and lack basic knowledge of Scripture. Is this a product of society or the church? And what can be done about this? Brad East, associate professor of theology at Abilene Christian University, explains the critical idea of "Biblical literacy in a post-literate age" and the challenges of reaching a generation that is not reading as much as before.

We explore the importance of Bible memory and creative ways to engage with Scripture, emphasizing the need for a new approach to discipleship and evangelism in a changing world. This thought-provoking conversation offers insights into the future of Biblical literacy." from the video introduction

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