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Christians & The Symbolism of Halloween

Vide from Jonathan Pageau

"Halloween is a modern holiday based on ancient Irish and some English customs reaching back to Allhallowtide which are days to pray for the dead and to the saints using memento mori imagery. I look at the modern practices and attempt to explain how they can be understood symbolically." from video introduction.

"Christians haven’t always been sure what to do with this holiday of apparently pagan origins. Is it unredeemable, such that any Christian participating in the holiday will necessarily compromise their faith? Is it something Christians can participate in as a cultural celebration with no religious ramifications? Or is there the opportunity for Christians to emphasize certain aspects of our own faith within the holiday?.." from the article: What Christians Should Know About Halloween

"Jonathan Pageau is a professional artist, writer and public speaker. He delivers several lectures every year in Universities, conferences and other venues around North America. He speaks on art, but mostly on the symbolic structures that underlie our experience of the world.

Through his YouTube channel and podcast, The Symbolic World, he also furthers the conversation on symbolism, meaning and patterns in everything from movies, to icons, to social trends.

As an artist, Jonathan is one of the only professional icon carvers in North America, taking on institutional and personal art commissions from all over the world. You can view his works in his carving website.

Jonathan is the editor and a contributor for the Orthodox Arts Journal which looks at the revival and significance of liturgical art today. He also gives weeklong carving classes with Hexaemeron School of Liturgical Arts , which are credited by Pontifex University." from the website.

Jonathan Pageau website: TheSymbolicWorld

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