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Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Rumoured To Be THE PRISONER

Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Rumoured To Be THE PRISONER

I am not a number. I am a free man.

Christopher Nolan is one the top directors with many quality movie productions to his credit.

The possibility that he could direct a new version of the TV classic "The Prisoner' is intriguing. Cortex Videos provides an excellent report on that possibility.

Video from Cortex Videos

"Christopher Nolan's next movie is rumored to be The Prisoner remake. Variety has revealed that Christopher Nolan's next film might be a remake of the 1967 TV series The Prisoner. In this video, I discuss the potential of Christopher Nolan remaking The Prisoner, the details surrounding both Warner Bros and Universal producing it, and more." from the video introduction

The Prisoner - Trailer

Video from Alexander Fee

"Trailer for The Prisoner television series starring Patrick McGoohan." from the video introduction

"Portmeirion Village provided the backdrop for the 1960's cult classic series, The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan.

Patrick McGoohan not only starred as Number Six, the leading role in The Prisoner, he was also the creator and driving force behind the 17 episode series.

It was probably one of the most influential pieces of television of the 1960's not only in the UK and USA, but also in France, Australia, and many other countries. Even The Beatles were fans! Its cult status was confirmed with the establishment in the 1970's of the official Prisoner Appreciation Society, Six of One.

The series is rich in imagery and visual impact. The surreal architecture of the village with its Mediterranean atmosphere coupled with the high-tech interiors, tannoys, surveillance cameras and piped music create a bizarre combination.

Each year, fans of the series hold The Prisoner Convention here at Portmeirion with public events including the Election Parade, Tally-Ho Theatre, and Human Chess. Portmeirion Village is also home to The Prisoner Shop, featuring official clothing, merchandise and more.

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