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Chronicles of the Desert: Introduction - Abba Poemen (Part 1 of 9)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

"Introduction to our new series, “Chronicles of the Desert”. We hope to release several videos a month about the men and women who struggled to purify themselves in the desert and draw closer to God. The series will share stories both ancient and modern and will take viewers from the Thebaid of Egypt to the deserts of Palestine and Syria, from the monasteries and caves of Mount Athos, to the vast wilderness of northern Russia. Our first episode after this introduction will be about the early struggles of Saint Anthony the Great. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by this new series." from video introduction.

Who were the Desert Fathers? The Desert Fathers immersed themselves in their faith, we can learn many lessons from their struggles.

"The Desert Fathers emerged in Egypt. Perhaps as early as the late 200’s AD, these Egyptian Christian men left the pagan cities, the persecutions and the distractions of life to live as hermits in the Sahara Desert. Their purpose was to live a solitary life solely dedicated to God..." from the article: WHO WERE THE DESERT FATHERS?

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