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Cinema and the Arts as Sermons: THE ART OF ILLUSTRATION PART 1

Video from pete beard

In another fine video from Pete Beard he gives us some background on when illustration may have started. Illustration can be found throughout our lives now as advertising and in books, magazines etc. It has in a way become ubiquitous, so much so we do not appreciate the gifts people possess to produce their work.

Illustration then is visual imagery that is used for interpreting, depicting, explaining, and/or decorating the words in books, newspapers, and online media. Beyond that illustrations are the drawings that make websites/apps more user-friendly, the pattern on your paper coffee cup, the characters on a cereal box, as well as the wallpaper in your home.

Theologian N. T. Wright says, “The arts are not the pretty but irrelevant bits around the border of reality. They are the highways into the center of reality which cannot be glimpsed, let alone grasped, any other way.”

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