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Cinema and the Arts as Sermons: THE ART OF ILLUSTRATION PART 2

Video from pete beard

In part two Pete Beard continues his look at the history of the art of illustration. No other form of art has so permeated the world and our culture. The United States shares some of the credit in making illustration what it is and has become for better or worse. When I was a child in the early 1960's in Houston Texas advertising and illustration were just starting to take off and as time went on and the technology began to accelerate life with the computer then art, and illustration was everywhere.

This video covers a hundred years or so as the last one covered many centuries. We get to see the rise of illustration in the industrial age, the printing press and related technologies to the present.

Author Philip Graham Ryken says, “Art has tremendous power to shape culture and touch the human heart. What we need to recover (or possibly discover for the first time) is a full biblical understanding of the arts—not for art’s sake, but for God’s sake.”

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