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Cinema as Sermons - K-Pax

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Cinema as Sermons - K-Pax

Movies are a wonderful art form and yet they are so much more. Everything we do as humans, fallen humans speaks to our sinful condition and our wont of God. God is creative, that is more than evident in the created world around us. Our creativity is manifest in all areas of life.

I turn your attention to a 2001 movie KPAX

Director: Iain Softley

Writers: Gene Brewer (novel), Charles Leavitt (screenplay)

Stars: Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack

Author Gene Brewer is an American writer, the author of the K-PAX book series, about a man who claims to be a visiting extraterrestrial from a planet called K-PAX: K-PAX (1995), On a Beam of Light (2001), K-PAX III: The Worlds of Prot (2002), K-PAX IV (2007) and Prot's Report, a brief natural history of the Earth, which appears in K-PAX: The Trilogy.

“Claiming to be an extraterrestrial from a planet called 'K-PAX' about one thousand light years away in the Lyra constellation, Prot (rhyming with the word "goat", played by Kevin Spacey) is committed to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan where psychiatrist Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) begins to evaluate him as a delusional. However, Prot's unwavering ability to provide cogent answers to questions about himself, K-PAX, and its civilization leads Dr. Powell to introduce him to a group of astrophysicists, where Prot claims to have journeyed to Earth by means of "light-travel" and goes on to display rare knowledge that resolves a puzzle for them.

After Prot explains that his people do not live in families, Dr. Powell invites Prot to his home for a July fourth picnic. Prot translates for the dog, eats, learns about Dr. Powell's family problems, and plays with the children until the sprinkler turns on and he freaks out.

Prot exhibits considerable influence over the other patients at the Institute, each of whom believes unquestioningly that he is indeed from K-PAX. Prot has explained that he can take one person with him when he returns; thereafter most of the patients at the institute ask to be taken to K-PAX.

Upon learning that many of his patients expect to leave Earth on July 27, Dr. Powell confronts Prot, who explains that it is a predetermined date. However, Powell believes this to be a significant date in Prot's life, a day on which he suffered a severe psychological trauma. Powell then decides to subject Prot to regression hypnosis, which works well. Using information gained from these sessions, Powell figures out that Prot is Robert Porter, a man presumed dead since attempting suicide after his wife and daughter were murdered in 1996.

On July 27, what is thought to be Prot is found lying catatonic under his bed, and one of the other patients is also missing. The missing patient is never found, and Prot does not return. The other patients do not recognize Robert as he is being wheeled out of the room.”

K-PAX (2001) - Prot Discusses Societal Structure Of K-PAX

Video from Elite Film Clips

The alien inhabiting the body of Robert Porter although claiming to be agnostic early in the movie proceeds to live out the Gospel in the situation he finds himself. Yes, Agnostics and Atheists can and do live very moral and good lives, but they did not originate that way of thinking and living. That was and is a Christian way of life vis a vi Christ.

We see in Prot selflessness and concern for others over his own. This is Christ-like. For us, the lesson is that a personal relationship with Christ yields fruit of the spirit. So, we must pursue that relationship for our good and the good of society.

Here we have 3 scenes and there are many in the movie.

The film trailer, Blue Bird of Happiness scene and the observatory scene. Kevin Spacy has always been an excellent actor. Combined with the team effort with director Iain Softley K-Pax is worth watching if you have not.

2001-10-26: K-PAX Bluebird Scene

Video from Tom Owens

"The character prot has repeatedly implied to the psychiatric patients of the hospital that the Blue Jay represents hope. It is a symbol from K-Pax that anyone is free to enter, stay for however long they need, and leave filled with hope." from video introduction

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