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Cinema & The Arts as Sermons: How Denis Villeneuve Explores the Dark Depths of Humanity

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

How Denis Villeneuve Explores the Dark Depths of Humanity

"A deep dive analysis of the filmmaking philosophy of Denis Villeneuve, and of the themes and meanings found in his work." from video introduction.

Like many of you I grew up with Dune. It was amazing! The first book came out in 1965. I was 9 years old at the time and deeply immersed in science fiction. Then as time progressing I found Tolkien, and LeGuin and Lewis, Arthur C Clarke among others. In our time the adaptation to the screen of such classics is a gift. Thank you Lord for our gift of creativity!!

"With its dense, detailed plotting and a throng of characters, sci-fi novel Dune has been something of a holy grail in cinema.

Filmmaker David Lynch made a divisive version in the 1980s while another widely panned TV miniseries made the rounds in the 2000s. But when French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve was tapped to bring to the screen Frank Herbert’s beloved words, there was optimism for the first time in decades.

The visionary Villeneuve has staked a reputation as a bold sci-fi storyteller, having crafted the cerebral drama Arrival with Amy Adams and the breathtaking Blade Runner 2049 sequel.

For both films, Villeneuve married a visual mastery with a contemplative soul, asking questions about time and reality. He was the man to make Dune.

Dune is also a holy grail for Villeneuve personally. He has carried the story since first chancing upon it when he was 13, a couple of years younger than Dune’s lead character, Paul Atreides, the son of a duke who is destined for a future set in motion by others..." from the article: Denis Villeneuve fulfilled his 40-year-old dream with Dune

From the creator of theses excellent video essays:

"Hi! My name is Tom and I make video essays that explore the boundary between media analysis and personal development in an empathic, emotionally resonant way.

Why? Because stories have always had a strong impact on me, they affected the way I look at the world, they helped make me a better person, and I wanted to better understand this relation; I wanted to articulate all those intangible feelings that stories invoked in me, how they moved me, and how they made feel more connected to myself and to the world and the people around me. But above all, I felt the need to put this out into the world, to confirm that I am not alone in this, that there are others who share these feelings too, and long to understand them.

The Patreon Project:

By donating to my Patreon, you can get some cool rewards like annotated videos containing additional thoughts, access to a private Discord server, monthly Q&A's, your name in the credits, and if you're really generous, a private book club!

But perhaps most importantly: you allow me to keep making videos. I am so happy and grateful for this to have become my full-time job, not only because I get to follow my passion, but also because your support has proven (at least for me) that there is a real desire for the kind of work that I do, a desire for sincere engagement with stories, life, and meaning, a desire to make a positive impact on others, even if it is in the smallest of ways.

More about me:

After studying Spatial Planning and Social Geography for my bachelor's degree, I got a master’s degree in Environmental Sociology with a minor in Philosophy. During this time, I was introduced to a lot of theories and philosophies that I would eventually discuss in my videos. Most importantly however, I learned the necessary academic skills that have allowed me to research new topics, critically evaluate information and build arguments, all of which are essential to writing essays. I got interested in making video essays because they give me more creative freedom to include elements beyond the written word, and I really enjoy exploring this boundary between intellectual efforts and artistic expression.

Much Gratitude!

Tom"... (LINK)

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