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Cinema & the Arts as Sermons: Secularization and Our Denial of Truth

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Video from Gavin 9001

Secularization and Our Denial of Truth

The Men in Black (1997)

Tommy Lee Jones is Agent K from a secret government agency called Men in Black. This secret agency licenses, monitors, and regulates alien (extraterrestrial) activity on Earth. They manage a sophisticated global monitoring system and are armed with technologically advanced weapons. The Men in Black oversees the activity of the 1500 or more registered extraterrestrials who live and work on Earth. These extraterrestrials include such notables as Newt Gingrich, Sylvester Stallone, and Dennis Rodman to name a few. One of the most important responsibilities of the agency is to erase the relevant memories of all Earthlings who have seen evidence of alien presence. With a flash the truth is erased!

Its not hard to draw parallels between The Men in Black world of fiction to our world today.

Contemporary society has abandoned truth in favor of lies that (seem to) give comfort and security. No scientific or technocratic strategy can change or make better this fundamental flaw in our human soul. Our sin natures and the spiritual war that rages around us are very good at leading us astray.

And like Agent K many of us are choosing Cults of personality among other things to replace Christ and any foundational truth or reason.

Welcome to Our Culture of Truth Deniers


Men in Black ends with Agent K after years spent in secrecy and solitude, asks Agent J to erase his memory. To return to life he wants to forget what he knows is true. Welcome to our culture of truth deniers! In order to have autonomy and our desire for expressive individualism we must forget the reality that connects us to our creator.

So what do we replace the truth with when we deny it? It is easy to see, entertainment (even in church) sex, drugs/alcohol, food, politics etc. We have chosen to become relativists so we can have my facts versus your facts.

We have hit a wall, a wall that has been hit before in the history of mankind.

We cannot save ourselves, nor can demonic aliens or politicians. Mankind is incapable of being the measure of all things as our sins always betray us.

Donald Trump, Twitter or Qanon are not the cause of our truth denial, they just promote what we want to hear!.

Will we return to our Lord?

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