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“Come Out from Their Midst and Be Separate” (2 Corinthians 6:14-18) - John MacArthur

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Video from Grace to You

"We have been singing and listening to music that basically has declared one message, and that message is, “God is mighty, God is our fortress, God is our light, God is our strength; be still, and rest in that.” I can’t think of a better introduction for this sermon, which I confess to you has been brewing in my mind for a year. Now, I’m long-winded if I have a week to plan, so do the math. We’ve been waiting for you for two years, here.

I want to be helpful; at the same time, I want to be faithful to the Word. And I want to honor the Lord in everything I say. I want to help give perspective. That’s one of the objectives that I always have; and in the particular emphasis of this conference on “Unashamed,” we’re going to be targeting some specific things that, if you’re going to be unashamed, you’ve got to face. People who are unashamed are going to be marked by certain virtues, and I want to start with one that I hope will be helpful to you, and that is a word that has been much maligned over the years. If you come out of any kind of a fundamentalist background, you will understand it. But the word is “separation,” “separation.” I know that’s fraught with all kinds of definitions and emotional responses, but I want to take you to the Word of God and show you how the Bible defines separation for those who are unashamed of the gospel...from transcript.

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