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Comedy, Anxiety, and the Need for Community - John Cleese

Video from John Anderson

Comedy, Anxiety, and the Need for Community - John Cleese

'In this clip, John Cleese relates the psychological effect that change has on society, namely inducing anxiety. Comedy thus, plays an integral role in relieving this feeling, as does living together in a harmonious community. John Cleese is an actor, comedian, screen writer and producer best know as the creator of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, the latter of which was voted the UK's greatest ever sitcom. In 2005, Cleese was ranked by a panel of comedians as the second best comedian of all time. On screen, Cleese has both appeared in blockbuster films, from Harry Potter, to James Bond, to Shrek, and written his own. 'A Fish Called Wanda', which he wrote and starred in, received Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations. A heterodox political thinker, Cleese is a vocal critic of cancel culture, reluctant supporter of Brexit, sceptic of multiculturalism, and describes his inclinations as 'slightly left of centre'. In 1999, he declined an invitation to sit in the House of Lords as a Liberal Democrat peer." from video introduction

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