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Comparison of Biblical and Non-Biblical Worldviews (2 0f 39)- John M. Frame

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

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Comparison of Biblical and Non-Biblical Worldviews (2 0f 39)- John M. Frame

"Many in the modern world believe that all religions are the same. Whether this means equally correct, that is, all religions lead to the same God, or equally wrong, depends on the person whom you are speaking to. For at least the past few centuries “enlightened” people have come to believe that all religions are essentially the same and no one religion should be promoted over any other. Although popular, is this kind of thinking accurate? Are all belief systems and their God or gods the same?

One of the subtopics within this argument is that all divine beings are the same or at least very similar. This essay will show that this particular argument is false by demonstrating that the God of the Bible is unique compared to all other divine beings.[1]

Everyone has an opinion

The word “god” can mean different things to different people. For example, we have pantheistic gods, in which nature is a kind of divine being or supernatural power.[2] We have the god of deism where he creates the world and then leaves it alone to operate according to natural laws. Think of a clockmaker who designs his clock, winds it up, and lets it tick all on its own. Essentially, deists do not believe in a god who interacts with the world that he created; hence, they do not believe in miracles[3] or in answered prayer.

Some people believe in a benevolent grandfather/grandmother like god or goddess. Others believe in a god who gives people whatever they want while others look at god as a cosmic policeman who makes all sorts of arbitrary laws that he wants us to obey. Everybody has an opinion.[4]

In the Bible, however, we come across a divine being that is completely different from all others and is situated within a worldview that is leaps and bounds beyond anything we find in other religions throughout history.." from the article: The Uniqueness of the Biblical God

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