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Confronting Lukewarm Worship - Ask Pastor John

Video from Desiring God

"When we see and savor the providence of God, lukewarm worship gives way to wonder, awe, and holy reverence before our majestic God. Welcome back to the podcast. Well, why does it sometimes seem that our worship is thinning out over time? And why does it seem that church worship grows flat over time as well? These are realities we all face at some point, and they lead us to consider the first implication of seeing and savoring the providence of God. With the upcoming release of Pastor John’s new book, ‘Providence,’ for the next several weeks we are considering reasons why the providence of God, this precious doctrinal truth, is essential to how we live out our daily Christian lives. Last Wednesday we opened this new series in episode 1571, looking at why we must live aware of God’s providence. Now we get specific. There are ten real-life effects and implications. Here with the first implication is Pastor John." from video introduction.

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