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Conspiracies and the Return of Myth: Jonathan Pageau & Mary Harrington

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Video from Jonathan Pageau

Conspiracies and the Return of Myth

"I had a wonderful discussion with writer Mary Harrington about conspiracies, myth and memes, the internet, artificial intelligence, and meaning-making. Mary Harrington is a columnist and editor for UnHerd and runs her own weekly Substack Reactionary Feminist. She's interested in the political and cultural side-effects of globalization, the replacement of class politics by identity politics, the joy of limits, and women’s rights in the biotech age, which is the subject of her first book, Feminism Against Progress.

Timestamps: 00:00:00 - Introduction to the video 00:00:40 - Intro music 00:01:05 - How to understand conspiracies 00:05:17 - Eating babies 00:06:59 - Lizard elites 00:09:26 - Why myth is coming back 00:16:48 - Meaning-making and money 00:19:28 - Oral culture 00:21:28 - Artificial intelligence 00:22:40 - How does Mary see Ai and writing? 00:25:56 - Writers VS ChatGPT 00:28:28 - Teams and nation-states 00:31:58 - Crowdfunding and Crowdfeeding 00:34:09 - Weaponizing the conspiracy label 00:43:10 - Anti-normativity 00:46:38 - Making normal mainstream again 00:49:19 - There will be suffering 00:52:23 - Government and Ai" from vieo introduction

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